Accurate control on the entire production chain, attested experience and certified excellence. Fonderie Peri s.r.l. is since 1998 certified ISO 9001.

This means that it’s dedicated particular attention as well as to the casting quality, to every internal procedure, analysis e improvement. Not last, employees, department and working machines cleaning and order.

We collaborate with the client since planning phase, having available any kind of support, analyzing every detail and reducing to minimum potential problems.

Non-destructive control of products is made inside a last generation and high definition X-ray machine directly at our central offices. Quality Laboratory has available tools for the dimensional check of castings, alloy density control, as well obviously a spectrometer for chemical analysis on metals. Tests and further analyses that include every PPAP level, are made at qualified laboratories, with which we have a solid and trustful professional partnership.

Our work is done in maximum control of production and delivery times. We manage every process type giving to the client the final product. High precision standards are mandatory when orders for prestigious brands are made, therefore our attention is dedicated to respect delivery dates, assuring traceability during the entire production process.