Precision and speed of industry means for large production volumes thanks to a totally automated plant.


Our totally automated productive plant is made of:

  • n° 2 melting ovens of 3 tons with incorporated auto-degassing
  • n° 3 automated waiting ovens of 2 tons with incorporated degassing
  • n° 2 mechanized melting groups of 10 workstations for castings up to 25 Kg
  • manual department on automated machines of 15 workstations
  • n°1 FDU station

Cutting department is made of n° 5 band saws + n°1 mechanized cutting group of 2 workstations.

Finishing department is made of:

n° 2 wheel blasters+ n°1 tumb blaster

n°1 mechanized grinding group of 3 workstations and 4 anthropomorphic robots

Bosello X-ray machine.